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The Delivery (November 2002)!!


Maria meets the FedEx Man!

In the driveway


Just opened the referral package


She's so beautiful!


Reading her information



Travel to China

The hotel at the Hong Kong airport

Maria in the hotel room looking quite chipper after a marathon flight from Newark, NJ!

Our travel group in the hotel lobby, pre-babies!

This is Ben, our guide to mainland China from Hong Kong

The famous White Swan hotel on Shamian Island in Guangzhou, China

She's ours!  This is just moments after they placed her in our arms.

Daddy and Grace

Mama and Grace

Grace with "the foot."  We actually still have that toy!

The Gracie smile

Back at the White Swan

Bath time!

Getting dry

Ready to play!

We played a lot!

Playing with Mom

The happy girl

Outside of an ancient family temple

After all that playing and sight-seeing, I need a nap!

The serious look

Out on the town!

Just before the required medical exam

The medical

All of the babies in our travel group

All things must come to an end, and here we are in the airport in Hong Kong awaiting our flight back home

The 777, our home for the next 17 hours!

We made it!  Here's a shot of the great reception we got at the airport at home!

Our friends Jim and Jimmy wait with signs in hand.


First Birthday!

Grace's first birthday was March 14, 2003.

More cake!!

I don't think I like this hat very much.

Opening presents.


First Haircut

Piece of cake!

All done!


Summer 2003

Bath time is great!

So is the pool.

But swinging is even better!

One of Grace's first words was "BUBBLES!!"

Posing in Charlottesville with Aunt Sondi

Who you looking at?